About Us

Hello! Whitespark builds software and provides services to help businesses with local search optimization. We obsess over the tiniest details in order to ensure our users and clients are happy. We're always striving to iterate and improve on our products and services.


Darren Shaw, Founder/SEO/Developer/Rad Dude

Darren Shaw

President & Founder

Darren has been tinkering with websites and SEO for over sixteen years. He loves local SEO and the local search community, and has had the good fortune to speak at a handful of great conferences like Mozcon, Searchlove, and SearchFest. His primary job is sending email and talking on the phone, but he also directs software development, client work, and customer service. He eats the same thing for breakfast pretty much every day. More about Darren... 

darren@whitespark.ca | Darren's Twitter

Jeff Gordon, Über Developer/Race Car Driver/Rad Dude

Jeff Gordon


Jeff wrote his first piece of HTML in 1996. Since those humble beginnings, he has become a graduate of NAIT's Digital and Interactive Media Design program and has accumulated six years of profession web development experience. Jeff contributes not only the necessary technical skills to the team, but also a strong sense of aesthetics and user experience design.

Jeff is in no way affiliated with that Jeff Gordon, though he does appreciate when you ask.

jeff@whitespark.ca | Jeff's Twitter

Brent Housen, Über Developer/Rad Dude

Brent Housen


Brent sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber, and pipes red hot knowledge directly into his brain. This makes him great at programming, but he occasionally soils himself. It's an acceptable sacrifice for greatness.

He was also supposed to supply us with a bio prior to launching this website, but he decided to form his beard into a brilliant topiary instead. He has no regrets.

brent@whitespark.ca | Brent's Twitter

Matthew Weiss


Matthew has been a web developer for the past 5 years. Since graduating with a Bsc in Computer Science, Matthew has been working with the University of Alberta and start ups.

Matthew attends conferences each year to keep up to date and in his spare time you might find Matt hacking on his Arduino or Spark Core.


Jessie Low

Jessie Low

Local Search Marketing

Jessie is a commerce graduate from the University of Alberta. She loves to ask a million questions and learn the little details that help her excel at whatever she sets out to accomplish.

She is passionate about helping enhance and bring awareness to local businesses through her work as an SEO pro.

jessie@whitespark.ca | Jessie's Twitter

Isha Thompson

Client Services

Isha is a jill-of-all-trades when it comes to the marketing and communications industry. She has a background in journalism, public relations and almost a decade of customer service experience under her belt.

She loves photography, writing, reading, and discussing movies all-day any day. 

isha@whitespark.ca | Isha's Twitter

Nyagoslav Zhekov

Director of Local Search

Nyagoslav has been in the local search industry for the past 3 years, since before he graduated from university. And while he loves doing local SEO, he tries to balance work and personal time.

He is currently the newest Canadian-to-be and Whitesparker in the team!

nyagoslav@whitespark.ca | Jessie's Twitter

Mikel Zaremba

Mikel Zaremba

LocalSpark Project Manager

Mike has been playing with websites and local seo for almost a decade. He loves to find out the inner workings of online tools and then applies that knowledge to help LocalSpark clients achieve better rankings. When Mike is not working or spending time with his family he is aggressively game-planning the return of Glamour Shots and has complied an ebook of over 150 glamour poses (email him for more info if interested).

mikel@whitespark.ca | Mikel's Twitter

Travis Van Slooten

LocalSpark Project Manager

Travis has been a professional Internet Marketer since 2005. In the past three years he has focused solely on Local SEO and working with small business owners to grow their businesses online.

When he's not working with clients, he's spending time with his family, watching baseball or one of his many favorite TV shows, or on the golf course (and usually in that order).

travis@whitespark.ca | Travis' Twitter

Gene Maryushenko

LocalSpark Project Manager

Gene is an internet marketer with 10 years of various experience. He is an all-around type of guy with background in web design, lead generation and search marketing. He has been focused on local search for the past 3 years.

When he’s not glued to his computer screens, Gene enjoys traveling and trying out new food spots he finds on Yelp. He is from the Midwest but currently basks in sunny California's weather.

gene@whitespark.ca | Travis' Twitter

Lora Yordanova

Citation Specialist

Lora has been a freelance contractor since 2011 and has worked with a number of companies, leaders in their respective business niches. She has a background in health care and IT, and most recently has been happily involved in Local SEO. When the laptop lid is closed, she enjoys nature while trekking, biking and camping in the wild.


James Dreesen

Citation Specialist

James has been helping small businesses generate more customers, clients, leads and new patients for over 3 years. When he's not behind his duel monitors he loves skiing, golfing, Minnesota sports teams and most of all his Fiance, Kerri.

jamesdreesen@whitespark.ca | Travis' Twitter