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Everything Local

Track pack, places, and organic rankings. Know whether your queries returned local results in each city, how big the local pack was, and whether the pack was blended or pure.

Map showing Chicago, Illinois

Accurate to the City

Other rank trackers claim to report local rankings, but they search from a national level so the results are inaccurate. We geolocate all searches to the city, so the rankings we report are the same as what someone physically sitting at a computer in that city would see. This also means you can track rankings for keywords without the city modifier. For example "lawyers" instead of "chicago lawyers".

Organic Rankings are Only Half the Story



Most rank checkers only track organic rankings. If you're only tracking organic, you miss out on understanding how your customers are finding you, and where your competitors are beating you. With all of the local packs, maps, videos, news, and rich-snippets, only tracking organic is no longer good enough.

Percentage of SERPs that are organic

All Your Campaigns on a Single Page

Immediately know which campaigns are getting better, and which need your attention. Monitor the health of your campaigns across all the search engines. See movement in the top ten at a glance.

Campaign Overview Example

The Rankings That Matter

You and your clients really only care about rankings on the first page. We show you if you're doing better or worse over time on the critical first page of search results.

Campaign Trends Example

Know How You’re Ranking in Each City

View individual keywords on a simple, easy to read chart, and compare how they perform across different cities.

Keyword Rankings Example

Sort & Filter Your Results

Take control of your data, and get the full story of your rankings. Quickly compare which keywords have improved, which had local results, which keywords had universal results (videos, images, news, rich snippets), and how they compare across different cities.

View Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Results

We update your rankings every day, but you can also step back into a weekly, or monthly view of your results to get a fuller picture of how your rankings are changing.

Track Google & Bing

Track Google and Bing’s organic, local, and places rankings. We also keep tabs on universal results.

Export & Analyze

Filter and sort your reports, then export to CSV and take your data anywhere you want!

Jonathan Adams

I found Whitespark recently and was SUPER excited about their Local Rank Tracker. I have been looking for a feature like this for a very long time, both for my online printing company and our web marketing clients... I even had my developer try to build it without success. Most of my clients don't care how they rank outside of their community so this was an essential feature which we were painfully lacking. Since using their Local Rank Tracker I'm pleased to say it works flawlessly as promised. Look forward to using more Whitespark services soon!

Jonathan Adams

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