Testimonials it's a regular ol' love-fest around here

Robert B. Farzad

What a sincere pleasure it has been and continues to be to have Whitespark assist with our search engine marketing campaign. Professional, honest and knowledgeable, they listen, collaborate, brainstorm and, once a  plan is agreed upon, execute it with diligence and efficiency. For all of the companies that give SEO a bad name, Whitespark is one of the few that does it right. No shortcuts. No bull. No sales pitch with overpromising and under delivering. I cannot imagine working with any other company.

Robert B. Farzad | Farzad Family Law

Peter Boulden

Whitespark helped grow our online presence in a time when it seemed like every one else was getting hit or punished by the new Google updates. Not only did our organic presence increase, but most importantly our presence on Google Local. Through innovative, whitehat ideas and "SEO" tactics Whitespark definitely put us ahead of the curve. Additionally, they are keen on having a measurable results report sent to me monthly so that we all stayed accountable. Love that!! Can't recommend them enough....unless you ARE my competition...then don't USE THEM :-)

Dr. Peter Boulden | Atlanta Dental Spa

Andy Gladstein

With the increasing complexity and fluid nature of SEO we absolutely needed to outsource our SEO management to a partner who had very specific organic SEO and Local SEO expertise, but also a group that was grounded in web design, development and internet marketing.  A word of caution to prospects looking to outsource their SEO - their is a fine line between getting real tangible results or ending up worse than you started.  Given the tangible results we've recognized while working with Darren and Whitespark we were able to undo the negative results from prior engagements and improve upon our rankings.  Our organic and local SEO is critical and there are no firms that have the tool set and experience that Whitespark has to deliver results in both of these key, but uniquely different and important areas.  When you engage Whitespark you not only are getting their SEO specific expertise, but you also get access to their well connected network of relationships built within the SEO industry of experts.  Whitespark has done an excellent job of driving and measuring the results of our SEO strategy as well as implementing several difficult and creative solutions while managing and coordinating designers and copywriters.  We've really reached a level of performance and content that we had not anticipated.

We are very pleased with Whitespark and their performance on our important projects.  Quite simply, we'd be happy to refer Whitespark to anyone except our competitors.

Andy Gladstein | Elk Springs Resort

Tarek Merhej

Whitespark is simply the best. If you are looking for a firm that can deliver a truly stupendous product while delivering outstanding customer service, Whitespark is it. From the beginning, Darren Shaw and Whitespark were able to offer practical and refreshing solutions to all our web development issues - every single issue we encountered along the way was promptly handled by the knowledgeable and always classy team at Whitespark.

Darren and his team were able to troubleshoot and custom-build us two websites at the same time - their feedback, whether it be in graphical or technical terms, was invaluable and no doubt contributed to the successful outcome we achieved for both projects.

It goes without saying that we are yet another very satisfied customer and would, without a moment's hesitation, recommend Whitespark for any web development related project.

Tarek Merhej | Satellite Direct

Derek Hophner

From the beginning, Darren Shaw from Whitespark Web Development took the time to understand our website redesign needs and target audience. We wanted a website with a clean and easy-to-navigate design, which focused on search engine optimization (SEO) and a simple-to-update content management system. In every regard, Whitespark surpassed our expectations.

The website has been live for just over one month and site traffic has increased by over 500%. This is a massive increase in traffic and one which we had never anticipated. The increase in traffic can be completely attributed to Whitespark's redesign and the SEO best practices used. Moreover, the site is now extremely easy to navigate. Many of our stakeholders, who use our website on a daily basis, have commented on the ease-of-use and navigability of the new site.

Whitespark put in a tremendous amount of work and the results are evident in the final product. I would wholeheartedly recommend Whitespark for any future website redesign needs as I am confident that Darren's company ranks among the best in Western Canada.

Derek Hophner | Student Legal Services of Edmonton

Bruce Alton

Whitespark and in particular Darren Shaw put together a number of excellent websites for our hotel operations. We were looking to develop attractive sites along with an easy to use content management system and Whitespark was able to give us everything we were looking for.

With our previous sites, simple changes took weeks to implement by an outside party. Today they take minutes and we complete them ourselves when and wherever we want. For example, the head of our hotel group recently wanted to change the operating hours listed for our restaurants, add new lunch and dinner menus, and announce a special event. With the Whitespark CMS, I was able to do this in less than five minutes.

Darren also uses leading edge technologies to put the sites together and integrates the tools we need to maximize our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. We now feel we have a website that will serve as a foundation to drive more traffic to our hotels and make our advertising dollars more effective - that is, fulfill the promise of the Internet.

Bruce Alton | Explorer Hotel - Yellowknife NWT

Reeve Bunn

We've seen great results since Whitespark's web design and SEO work, with web traffic having more than doubled in the last year, as well as a substantial increase in organic search traffic.

Reeve Bunn | DSL Inc.