Review Handout Generator

A free tool by Whitespark and Phil Rozek.

Enter your business information and we'll generate a handy PDF that you can print out and give to your customers to make it easy for them to review you!

About This Tool

The design of these review handouts is based on the one created by Phil Rozek of He originally created one-page handouts just for his local SEO clients, and since 2011 has created custom-made review handouts for hundreds of business owners across the globe.

We loved the concept, so we talked with Phil about some ideas for how to get these simple, effective instructions into the hands of the business owners and customers who need them. The result is this completely free review-handout generator tool. Additional designs are coming soon.

Phil Rozek is one of the smartest local SEOs in the industry. We suggest that you read his blog and follow him on Twittter. If you're looking for a Local SEO consultant, we highly recommend him.

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