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The culture of your locality provides endless opportunities for local attention. And attention means links, press mentions, and ultimately, targeted customers. As internet marketers, engaging with our local culture provides us with a great opportunity to build relationships, and ultimately, links. Citations and links are great from Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) sites, but as we all know, they don't seem to drive much traffic. We can do better.


Why Local?

We keep seeing algorithm updates focused on devaluing links that simply aren't relevant. A key benefit of local linkbuilding is that these links are almost entirely relevant. By learning the four functions of local link building, as well as eight tactics for executing a local linkbuilding strategy, you'll be armed with a solid method of sourcing relevant links by doing good things for your community.


The Four Functions of Local Link Building

1) Driving Relevant, Targeted Traffic

If your client is a small business with a brick and mortar shop in Minneapolis, their customers are probably in Minneapolis. Why not target your link building efforts locally? If your client is a restaurant, why wouldn't you want them to get written up [...]

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