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The NEW Google mobile friendly test tool

Posted May 4, 2016 by Eduard de Boer in Other

Have you been using the Google Mobile Friendly test tool recently? Have you observed any changes? We got access to the latest version, which is slowly being released to the world at the moment.

The video below shows a quick walkthrough of the current version. I think there'll be some more changes / additions as I find it a bit bare bones at the moment. One important (IMHO) aspect that's missing, is the links to all the various CMS'es (Content Management Systems) to put people in the right direction for solving a mobile friendly problem on their site.

As you can see in this video, the Whitespark website is totally NOT mobile friendly. That's exactly why we'll be launching our new (do I need to say: "mobile friendly"?) website very soon!

Stay tuned for more!


What's your opinion on the new tool? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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Have you ever envied these review sites with the nice yellow stars in the search results, like Yelp, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor and others? What if I could explain you how YOU can get these yellow stars for pages from YOUR site quite easily?

In this post, I’m going to show how you can create similar search results for your site, like we created for a LocalSpark client of ours, Yonkers Avenue Dental:

Invisalign Yonkers - Check out the review stars! And of course we also implemented it for our own site: Local SEO service - Check out the review stars

Have I gotten your attention? Then keep on reading and within 10 to 15 minutes from now you will be able to add stars to your own site, too.

JSON-LD for aggregated reviews

A while ago, we published the post “The JSON-LD Markup Guide To Local Business Schema” in which Gene Maryushenko explained how you can use JSON-LD to define a lot of additional data for your local business.

To get the review stars on your site, [...]

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How to get Google Calendar events in the search results

Posted Apr 18, 2016 by Eduard de Boer in Other

Have you ever seen those event listings in the search results and wondered how you can get them? Do you organize events, either online or offline that you want to give extra exposure? Do you want to get more clicks, more visitors, more business by easily promoting your events?

Take a look at what we were able to do for our LocalSpark client Urban Air Trampoline Park. When you search for events in their city, their events show up in the search results:

Overland Park events SERP


Their event listings also show up on branded search terms:


Want to know how I did it? Read on for step-by-step instructions.

  FREE implementation: Google to the rescue!

Depending on the platform you’re using there are a number of solutions. In case you’re using WordPress there are many plugins (both free and paid) to choose from, in order to get events in the search results. In most cases, you’ll have to pay for solutions which connect to Google Calendar.

How about a FREE solution, using Google’s own platform to generate the required code to import in your website to show the events from one [...]

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This morning I noticed that our a Google search for our brand name no longer displayed the Knowledge Panel.


Checking for the listing in Maps, I noticed that it was messed up:

Address is now showing, even though I have it hidden in the GMB settings All the reviews are gone.

Another thing I noticed is that a TON of listings have been removed from Google's local results. A search for "edmonton seo" used to bring up about 8 pages of results in the Local Finder, but now it's only showing 9 results. By my estimation, that means that about 71 listings have disappeared on this search term. That's almost 90% of the listings in this particular query space.

Reports of this problem have been flying in all over the Google My Business forum, Linda's Local Search Forum, and the Local U forum.

The fix, as reported by Joyanne Hawkins here, is to edit the listing in GMB, move the map pin marker a tiny bit, then save.

I just did it for our Whitespark listing, and seconds later, the Knoweldge Panel was showing again for a branded search. We're also showing up in the Local Finder [...]

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Need Local Links? Try These 10 HARO Outreach Tips

Posted Mar 16, 2016 by Wes Micholosky in Other

You’re looking for publicity and for links, and reporters are looking for authorities to quote. Help a Reporter Out - also known as HARO - connects reporters and sources (like you) in a daily email. 


 (More detail here, if you’d like more detail on how it works.)


HARO’s an excellent way for a local business to earn links. But most people send in pitches that reporters aren’t interested in, conclude HARO won’t work for them, and never bother with it again. Meanwhile, someone else gets the exposure and the links.

We've had great success securing quality media links for our LocalSpark clients through HARO. Here are some of my tips... 

My Top 10 Tips (in no particular order): 

1.  Reply within the first 10 minutes of getting the HARO email. When I started sending in pitches fast, my success rate improved significantly. 

2.  Subscribe to too many categories rather than to too few. It’s easier to skim and delete an email than not to see it at all. If you’re a physician you might think you need to only subscribe to “Medical Health,” but you’re only going to get hyper-direct inquires with that approach. What about “Entrepreneurship,” “Human Resources,” “Local Regions,” and [...]

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