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Explanation on Our Citation Ranking Methodology

Posted Nov 14, 2014 by Nyagoslav Zhekov in Local SEO

A few days ago we published a list of the most important local citation sources for American, Canadian, Australian, and British businesses. The most important question that we didn’t answer in enough detail was: “How exactly were these top sources selected?” I will try to explain the methodology used in this post. 


Methodology and Factors

I used a number of factors when selecting the most important citation sources for each country. The majority of these factors’ values could easily be calculated and compared mathematically. However, there were a few factors, which were based on subjective observations and experience, and for some factors values were assigned based only on tentative data. Here are the factors, in order of importance:

1. Structured Business Information

This practically means that the sources included in our lists are only, or predominantly, platforms that serve one main purpose – storing and distributing information about multiple businesses. These are the types of citation sources Google looks at most frequently when “they” are trying to confirm the accuracy of certain business information that has made its way in their database. 

2. Distribution Network and Number of Connections

The more connections a [...]

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Local SEO For The Small Business Owner Short On Time

Posted Nov 13, 2014 by Mikel Zaremba in Local SEO

Hey, small business owner!

You've got stuff to do today. Stuff that has to do with YOUR business. Not things that have to do with increased local search rankings. 


I get it. You do your business and I'll do mine.

So here's the deal. There are a ton of ultimate guides out there with every gory detail about every aspect of local search. This ain’t one.

You need plain english, actionable items that any business owner can do that would have a big impact on your local rankings. And you need them now!

I nailed down 6 points that you could execute over the next week that will help you rank better locally. They take 15-30 minutes each day to do.

You interested? You're dang right you are!

Let's run over the 6 steps, broken out into days, that can help you rank better in Google, today!

Day 1: Tweak Your Google+ Local Listing Time: 15 minutes(ish) 

Have you claimed your listing yet? Yes? Great! If not you better do that now.


Ok, now that you've got control of it [...]

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Announcing the Top Citations by Country

Posted Nov 7, 2014 by Darren Shaw in Citation Building

Which citation sources are the most important?

It's a question we get all the time. Today, we're happy to provide the definitive answer.

Nyagoslav has carefully assessed every possible citation source and put together a list of the top 50 most valuable citation sources in the U.S., and the top 30 sources in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

These sites were selected based on:

how far and wide they distribute data the size of their database how often they appear in competitive research ease of adding/updating listings and overall domain authority

There are plenty of lists of citation sources out there, but most of them are just that, lists. These sites have been carefully currated and hand picked by the citation master himself, Nyagoslav Zhekov. 

Check out the lists!


We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Google Carousel is now Appearing Outside of the US

Posted Nov 5, 2014 by Darren Shaw in Local SEO

The carousel has never rolled out to countries other than the U.S.. Presumably, Google is still testing this with users and hasn’t decided if we like it or not. The only way to get a carousel outside of the US was to search for terms like “things to do in cityname” and “attractions in cityname” which trigger knowledge-graph results and bring up the carousel. Restaurant and hotel terms have never triggered a carousel, until now.


Eduard DeBoer emailed me this evening to let me know that he has seen the Google Carousel in the Netherlands. I just tested, and I can replicate this in Canada. The search terms themselves don’t trigger the carousel, you have to click on one of the knowledge graph results to get it. Here’s how:


Run a search for “edmonton restaurants”NOTE: If you’re searching from a US IP, you’ll get the carousel, but Canadian IPs do not get the carousel and never have.

Mouse over the results and click an item in the “People Also Searched For” section.

BOOM. CAROUSEL.Google Carousel in Canada 

Here's Eduard's video on how to get the carousel (press the [...]

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Mikel Zaremba joins WhitesparkMany of you probably already know Mikel Zaremba from Radical Mustache. Today we are thrilled to announce that he has joined the team at Whitespark. He’ll be managing local search campaigns for our growing LocalSpark service, writing for our blog, putting local search resources together, and running Google Hangouts on Air.

Mike is a contributor to the Local Search Ranking Factors, and his Ultimate Local SEO Guide is one of the most popular resources in our industry. He has 15 years of web development and SEO experience, and has been focused on local search since 2008.

Mike also wrote a post about the move on his blog, here.

I’m stoked to be working with Mike and the other local search experts at Whitespark. I’m excited about what we’re building, and what the future holds for the company. Please join me in welcoming Mike to the team!

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