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Website Optimization Basics For Local SEO

Posted Sep 3, 2015 by Eduard de Boer in Local SEO, Citation Building

On August 6th, 2015, Darren gave a presentation at a Jobber gathering in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), titled "Basics of Website Optimization".

In this presentation Darren covers the following topics:

How to do Basic Keyword Research Website Optimization Best Practices Have a decent amount of content on the homepage Have a web page for every service and sub-service Have plenty of quality content throughout the site Watch your URL structure All about Title Tags Your Meta Description Forget about Meta Keywords Use Headings (H1, H2, H3) properly About Image Alt Attribute Keyword in bold/italics is something from the past Don't over optimize How to do internal linking properly The Importance of Fast Loading Mobile Friendly websites About Good Site Structure NAP in Schema Embed a Google Map the right way Landing Page Title Tag Link back to your Google+ Local Listing

Watch the video below:

Transcription of "Website Optimization Basics"

My company is called “Whitespark”, and we do Search Engine Optimization, typically for small business. We focus on local SEO. If you are a service area business, you're all about SEO. You can type in, "landscapers Edmonton" or "accounts Edmonton," you're going to get a local pack. Our company really specializes on optimizing your position in that local pack. I'm going to talk about two things today. I'm going to talk about your website, how you [...]

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On June 27th, 2015 Darren Shaw presented at LocalU Advanced in Minneapolis, MN about "End to End Citation Discovery and Management". We combined the recorded audio with the slides so it's almost as good as being there!

In this presentation Darren covers the following topics:

Why Citations? Auditing your Existing Citations Best Practices Duplicate Discovery and Cleanup General Cleanup Process Prioritizing Beyond the Basics Identifying and Obtaining Niche Citations

Watch the video below:

Why Citations?

So today we're talking about citations, just like Aaron said. Why are citations important? Well, back in the early days when Google was constructing its' database of local businesses a lot of them didn't have websites. They had hardly any presence whatsoever but they did have all these yellow pages listings.Google built its local database based off business listings that they were pulling off the web. David Mihm put this really great sort of whiteboard Friday together, where he talked about how Google generates its' business listings. They come from so many different sources. They come from government sources, they come from primary data aggregators. They come from user inputs like a business himself, google street view, map maker, just out on the web.Basically Google is compiling all of this different business information and has to [...]

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I confess, I’m a restaurant review addict. Weird as this may sound, I fritter away all kinds of free time reading the reviews of famous restaurants which I’ll probably never have the chance to visit. As a form of recreational reading material, reviews offer great drama, high hopes, crushing disappointments and glimpses of life that tell a story of big wins and big losses. In this post, I’ll show you how to mine reviews, organize data and turn those losses into wins.

This process can work for any adequately-reviewed business, and Darren Shaw has kindly shared with me his master list of the top 10 most-reviewed industries. These numbers are the results of his analysis of 110 keywords in 294 cities, paginated through 10 pages (100 results per search term). That’s review data for 110 x 294 x 100 - or a total of 3,234,000 - businesses!

Car dealers Bars Restaurants Auto repair Storage Movie theaters Hotels Auto body Night Clubs Coffee shops 

Other runners-up that are abundantly reviewed? Catering, computer stores, cell phone repair, shopping centers, IT services, bed & breakfasts, air conditioning, apartment rentals and grocery stores.

We’re going to scrutinize the reviews of 3 well-known American eateries, surface their most-cited problems and offer solutions. This is a process you can [...]

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The 2nd Edition of the Link Building Book by Paddy Moogan is live! This version has 50% more content, including eight new chapters, two new case studies, updates to existing sections, checklists and more. Whitespark had the opportunity to contribute one of the new chapters, Introduction to Local Link Building, and we're giving you an exclusive sneak peek with the scholarship link building section. This is just 1 of 7 local link tactics that are covered in the Local Link Building Book (side note: Darren wrote the other 6 strategies and I wrote this section, since I have hands-on experience executing these campaigns). If you don't already have a copy of the book, get one here (use the discount code: WHITESPARK to save 25% woot woot); whether you're a beginner or a pro this book will help you take your link building to the next level. 

The Perks of Being in a Local Market

The challenge with local link building is that most small business websites aren’t very link worthy, and most small businesses don’t have the budget to invest in quality content. But, small business websites can often be link-worthy simply because of their local relevance. This gives them an edge [...]

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Google Maps to Google+ Page Bookmarklet

Posted Jun 8, 2015 by Darren Shaw in Local SEO

UPDATE June 23rd: It was broken, but now it's fixed. You'll need to delete your old bookmarklet and add this one instead: Drag this link to your bookmarks bar (updated June 23, 2015): Maps -> G+  Notes on the new version: It's now hosted server side, so if it breaks again, we can fix it and you won't need to make a new bookmarklet. If the listing is claimed, it will send you straight to the listing, but if the listing is unclaimed, the best we can do is send you to search results that should have a link to the Google+ page, but it doesn't work in all cases.

Mike Blumenthal recently reported that the links to the Google+ Page have been removed from Google Maps results.

This is annoying.

Now, you have to click on the "X reviews" link, close the pop-up for reviews, then click the Google+ page link in the search results.  Worse, if the listing is unclaimed, the search results won't even have a link to the Google+ page.

Fortunately, the cid is in the source code, and you can use it to go directly to the listing. No one wants to have to tinker around with viewing [...]

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